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Electis 75WG

The right formula for effective foliar, stem and tuber blight control

Electis 75WG is a highly effective potato blight fungicide with excellent activity against tuber blight as well as foliar and stem blight.

Electis 75WG contains Zoxium, the essential ingredient for effective blight control and resistance management.

Benefits of Electis 75WG

Highly effective foliar, stem and tuber blight control
Regular, programmed spraying is essential to control changing blight populations and more aggressive blight strains. Electis is active on foliar, stem and
tuber blight.

Unique combination of two robust active ingredients, zoxium and mancozeb
Zoxium and mancozeb are very effective ingredients from two different
chemical groups.

Strong anti-resistance position with multi-site protection
Mancozeb has proven multi-site activity with no known resistance, even after many decades of use.

Unique zoospore activity, resulting in strong tuber blight protection
Zoxium works on a unique site of action  within the blight fungus, adversely affecting zoospore activity and release, resulting in non-motile spores, incapable of infecting tubers.

Ultimate flexibility within the blight control programme
Electis® allows up to eight sprays in a single crop. It is highly rainfast and its active ingredient actually has an affinity for leaf wax, penetrating the leaf surface.