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Recommended uses

Weeds controlled

Avadex Excel 15G herbicide controls wild-oats, volunteer (tame) oats and moderate populations of Italian rye-grass, annual meadow-grass and black-grass. Where sterile brome or heavy populations of black-grass exist in winter crops of wheat and barley, sequential treatments are recommended.
When applied pre-emergence of weeds, a useful control of the following annual broad-leaved weeds is obtained:-

•  Cleavers  •  Charlock  •  Chickweed  •  Common Poppy  •  Field Pansy  •  Field Speedwell
•  Forget-me-not  • Fumitory
• Ivy Leaved Speedwell Mayweed spp.  •  Red Dead-Nettle

Avadex Excel 15G will control wild-oats and volunteer (tame) oats up to the 2 leaf stage when treated. Other weeds must be treated pre-emergence.

Crop Varieties
Avadex Excel 15G may be applied to all varieties of crop recommended for treatment.