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Highly effective foliar, stem and tuber blight control
Sound anti-resistance profile with protectant and translaminar activity
Flexible control within the programme
Prevents Zoospore production

Application timing for Presidium

With an effect on the blight fungus at all stages in its lifecycle, Presidium can be used from early-mid season up to and including full canopy. Use a maximum of three consecutive applications.

About Presidium

Presidium is a suspension concentrate containing 180 g/l zoxamide + 180 g/l dimethomorph
Crops: All varieties of Potato
Target: Potato Leaf Blight (Phytopthera infestans)
Timing: Preventitavley as part of a late blight control programme from when crops meet along the rows
Dose rate: 1.0 Lt/ha
Water rate: 200-600 Lt water/ha
Spray quality: MEDIUM
Spray intervals: 7 or 10 days, depending on risk
Maximum number of treatments: 5 per crop
Latest time of Application: 7 days before harvest
Buffer zone: 7 meter aquatic
Pack size: 5 Litres