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Application for optimum weed control in cereals:-


For optimum results the granules should be applied immediately after drilling and/or rolling of the crop.
Some moisture after application is required to activate the granules.
Avadex Excel 15G must be applied pre-emergence of the crop and weed.

Dose rate

Rate 15kg/ha

Additional information

Environmental protection: Do not allow granules from application equipment to fall within a distance of 10M from the top of the bank of a static or flowing water body, or within 1M which is dry at the time of application.

Extreme care must be taken to avoid spray drift onto non-crop plants outside of the target area.

Avadex Excel 15G may be applied to all varieties of winter wheat, winter and spring barley.

Where control is required of sterile brome, moderate populations of black-grass and wild oats Avadex Excel 15G should be used in sequence with other herbicides so long as the labels of each product are followed.

Recommended uses

Important information


Crop specific information


Following Crops

Do not sow oat or grass crops within a year after treating with Avadex Excel 15G
Do not undersow grass species in crops that have been treated with this product, it is safe to undersow with clover and other legumes.