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Proven effect on both late blight and early blight (Alternaria)
Specific combination of two robust actives, zoxamide and mancozeb
Strong anti-resistance position with multi-site protection
Prevents zoospore production resulting in strong tuber blight protection
Ultimate flexibility within the blight programme

Application timing for Electis

Use Electis from the start of tuber initiation and before the final two sprays of products with specific zoospore activity e.g. cyazofamid or fluazinam.

About Electis

Electis contains 8.3% w/w zoxamide and 66.7% w/w mancozeb, formulated as a water dispersible granule
Crops: All varieties of potatoes
Target: Potato Late Blight (Phytophthora infestans)
Timing: From before haulm meets along the row and then at regular intervals depending on the risk of blight occurring in the area. Do not use if blight is present in the crop.
Dose rate: 1.8 kg/ha
Water rate: 150 – 600 litres of water/ha
Spray quality: MEDIUM
Spray intervals: 7 to 10 day intervals, depending on risk.
Maximum no of treatments: 8 per crop.
Latest time of application: 7 days before harvest
Pack size: 9 kgs (to treat 5 hectares)