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Control programme for key weeds


Control of Blackgrass, Barren Brome and Annual Broad Leaved Weeds in Winter Cereals

Where control is required of moderate to heavy populations of blackgrass barren brome (also known as sterile brome) and annual broad-leaved weeds in addition to wild oats, Avadex Excel 15G may be used in sequence with any one of the following products when applied to the varieties and at the dose and timing recommended on their label.

The application of Avadex Excel 15G may be pre-emergence or post-emergence and may precede or succeed the sequential product as appropriate.

Pre or post-emergence

Autumn Kite, Javelin*, Panther, Trump, Dosaflo*, Lexus, Atlantis.

Products containing chlorotoluron, diflufenican + isoproturon, pendimethalin + IPU, fenoxaprop and clodinafop, pendimethalin + picolinafen, diflufenican + flurtamone.

*Should be applied post-emergence for specific control of barren (sterile) brome, which is controlled most effectively following a good stale seedbed, or mould-board ploughing.