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Calibration Details

Recommended Applicators

• Horstine Farmery Super TMA4 Airflow and TMA4 Hydraulic and Cascade
Nodet Gougis DP12, DPS12
Amazone Super Jet 1600 18-24m widths
Kuhn Farm Machinery Kuhn Aero SS2212, SS2218, SS2220, SS2224
Rauch/SAM 24m Applicator
Stocks AG Ltd Micrometer
Omex – suspension fertiliser applicator
Techneat Maxicast

Fixed-wing Aircraft
Avadex Excel 15G has been approved for aerial application only by fixed-wing aircraft at recommended rates for use only on wheat, barley, winter beans and peas. Helicopters are not recommended due to downdraft problems.

Calibrate all machines before applying this product.Where machines have been in regular use over a large area of land, check the evenness of distribution across the width of application and the output of individual metering units.

Use in field
For best results, use a foam bout marker or mechanical marker and operate land machines at les than 8 kph (5 mph).


Horstine Farmery Ltd Super TMA4 Airflow and TMA4 Hydraulic

North Newbald York YO4 3SP
Telephone: MarketWeighton 01430 827330

Settings for Horstine Farmery Super TMA4 Airflow

1. Ensure that the drive and rotors turn freely before filling hopper.
2. It is advisable to use markers or tramlines to ensure even bout coverage.
3. The flow of material is disengaged by lifting the machine on the 3-point linkage, or by switching off the oil supply on hydraulically calibrated machines. Do not turn with the landwheel on the ground.
4. Normal operating speed is 8 kph (5 mph) with a PTO of 540 rpm. For applications other than this please consult Horstine Farmery.
5. Sometimes dusty granules will cause problems in the metering unit or cassette bearing. In this case they should be lubricated as shown on the hopper transfer every 4 hours. Do not over lubricate.
6. In cases of wet weather, or humid conditions, moisture can settle in the delivery tubes of the machine. If this occurs, run the fans for a few minutes to dry the tubes before commencing work.
7. Avoid collision damage to the plastic delivery tubes.The boom has no break-back and the delivery tubes are particularly vulnerable when the boom is in the folded position.
8. The boom is normally operated 50cm (18″) above the target, but some chemicals do have different requirements – see application charts.
9. Empty the machine of surplus chemical at the end of each day. This is done by releasing the metering unit or cassette catches, with a container in position to collect the material, and hinging the unit downwards.
10. Ensure hopper sieves are in place before filling the hopper.

Application Charts – Hydraulic Machine
Instead of being landwheel driven, output is governed by PTO shaft RPM. The same rotors are used as in the landwheel TMA4.

Rotor Combination 6 (1 x 14mm deep fluted rotor per outlet)
Shaft RPM Tachometer Reading for Avadex Excel 15G.

Always calibrate to check output

1. Select desired forward speed, ideally 5 mph, and FIX at this speed.
2. Set required shaft RPM to obtain the 15kg/ha application rate.

Horstine Farmery Cascade Pneumatic Fertiliser Spreader 12m, 18m and 20m widths Avadex Excel 15G application

1. Fit the microgranule kit, consisting of a special metering cartridge in place of the fertiliser cartridge.
2. Fit the restrictor flap, (135 diameter hold), to the fan inlet to reduce the airflow. (SAFETY NOTE: Ensure the fan is not running during this operation and disengage the PTO).
3. Establish the output per rotor as described in the handbook, these figures should be approximately: AVADEX EXCEL 15G ROTOR OUTPUT = 8 GRMS PER REVOLUTION. These will need to be checked periodically using the calibration tray provided with the machine.
4. Use the following formulae to determine the correct tacho.setting (rotor r.p.m.) for the desired application rate.

Cascade 12 and 18 metre machines
Kgs per hectare x 10, divide by rotor output per rev. in grams, divide by 6, multiply by forward speed in k.p.h. = tacho. reading in r.p.m.

To simplify using the recommended rates of each Avadex formulation:
• For Avadex BW 10G:- 4.89 x forward speed in k.p.h. = tacho. reading.
• For Avadex Excel 15G:- 3.11 x forward speed in k.p.h. = tacho. reading.

Cascade 20 metre machines
Kgs per hectare x 11.1, divide by rotor output per rev. in grams, divide by 6, multiply by forward speed in
k.p.h. = tacho. reading in r.p.m.
To simplify using the recommended rates of each Avadex formulation:
For Avadex Excel 15G 3.45 x forward speed in k.p.h. = tacho. reading.
Pounds per acre x 1.123 = kilograms per hectare.
Mile per hour x 1.6 = kilometres per hour.

Always calibrate to check output

Nodet range of pneumatic fertiliser spreaders DPS12 DP12

Stafford Park 7
Telephone: Telford 01952 239300

This guide should be used in conjunction with the Instruction Book, Application Charts.
• Use the microgranular metering assembly.
• Fan shutter must be set to the “Micro” mark on the fan.
• Boom height – Ejectors 0.5 (20″) above ground or crop.
• Innermost ejectors – slide down to lower position.
• PTO must run at 540 rpm. (Check ground speed!)

NB The above settings are NOT guaranteed.Variations in density, fluidity and humidity may vary the output rate.

Always calibrate to check output

At 12 metres spread width, 1 ha. is covered in 833m. (1 acre is covered in 368 yards). Fit calibration bag having first shut off all air at fan. Travel ha (acre) distance at chosen speed (PTO 540 rpm), meter into bag side only. Weight contents of calibration bag. This should be 1/2 application rate (as one side only has been calibrated).

Make any adjustments necessary to gearbox – one gear change (determine this from chart on inside of rear door) makes approximately 6% difference to the output.

(Variations can also be caused by tyre sinkage or tractor type size being non-standard to tachometer.)

Settings for Nodet DP 12 – Avadex BW Excel 15G
Use the Microgranular rollers: fan shutter to the Micro mark: Boom height at 0.5m. The special (red) inner spreader plates fitted.

NB The above settings are NOT guaranteed. Variations in density, fluidity and humidity may vary the output rate.

Always check setting with a static calibration to ensure output delivers the recommended rate of product.

ALWAYS CALIBRATE to check output

Amazone Jet 1203, 1503, Super Jet 1600 (ratchet drive model) pneumatic applicators

Blythe Road
South Yorks
DN11 8NU
Telephone: 01302 751200

Calibration of Amazone Super Jet 1600 (18,20 or 24m widths)
Recommended rate of product:- Avadex Excel 15G at 15 kg/ha

ALWAYS CALIBRATE to check output

1. Fit the microgranule metering units (1 set each side).
2. Ensure deflector plates are in good condition (not work, clean and dry) and are accurately fitted to ensure even application.
3. Adjust boom height to 1 metre above target.
4. CALIBRATE machine BEFORE use. Exact setting may vary with machine, wear, and field conditions.
5. Keep forward speed to 5 mph (8 kph). Boom bounce if excessive results in poor weed control.
6. Disengage left injector sluice.
7. Hang calibration bucket under metering unit, prime the metering unit, empty bucket, and begin calibration procedure.
8. Travel a good 20 metres with PTO set at 540 rpm at desired forward speed, ideally 5 mph.
9. Weigh amount of product in calibration bucket in grammes.
10. Enter amount weighted, together with recommended rate into computer. This will adjust metering units to deliver required rate (kg/ha).
11. Put injector sluice back and check metering units are engaged.
12. Check calibration periodically to avoid errors.

Kuhn Aero Pneumatic fertiliser spreader

Stafford Park 7
Telephone: Telford (01952) 239300

Kuhn Farm Machinery make a series of applicators. Please note the model numbers have changed recently:

Always calibrate to check output

1. Check the machine is in good order, the deflectors are clean, dry, tightly fastened and undamaged. Fit new deflectors if wear is excessive, or damage is observed.
2. Fit special ‘microgranule metering unit’ and follow the instructions in the handbook.
3. Set ground speed to 5mph (8 kph).
4. Set feed roller speed and adjust height of deflectors above the ground (measured behind the tractor) as follows.

Note: These digital readout settings are for guidance only and MUST be checked.

5. A static test MUST be done to check output and settings to achieve the recommended application rate of 15kg/ha.Small differences in machines due to machine wear,normal manufacturing tolerances,and weather conditions can greatly affect output.

Rauch / SAM 24m applicator

Stafford Park 7
Telephone: Telford (01952) 239300
Contact: Mr H R Garthwaite

The calibration procedure is as follows and utilises the totally computer controlled metering of microgranules.

Always calibrate to check output

1. Ensure the microgranule feed rollers are fitted.
2. Check the deflector plates are clean, dry and not damaged or work excessively. Damaged deflectors greatly impacted the accuracy of this machine in tests.
3. Collect output of 3 deflectors for a given number of revolutions of the feed roller.
4. The number of revolutions of the feed roller is monitored by the computer as a “logging number”.
5. Feed into the computer the following information:-
a. The “Logging number”.
b. The weight of product collected.
c. The application rate required.
6. The computer controls the speed of the feed rollers to achieve the required application rate at any particular moment, in time relative to forward speed of the machine.
7. NOTE: that due to computer control a static calibration is NOT possible with this machine.

Stocks Ag. Ltd. MicroMeter

Cromwell Road
Tel 01945 464909

A modular machine to accurately meter and distribute microgranules and small seeds, the MicroMeter can be used as a single or multiple unit, and is usually attached to rigid (non folding) implements. Option of electronic speed control using radar to maintain application rate as forward speed varies. Supplied in 1 metre hopper modules, each module can be simply bolted to another to form a 1m, 2m or 3m machine. Each 1m module can provide up to 1.5m of accurate coverage, thus a 2m machine can cover 3m, and a 3m machine can cover up to 4.5m. The feed mechanism is precision moulded plastic fluted rollers driven by a stainless steel shaft, powered by a 2 speed electric motor and a 2 speed gearbox, thus offering 4 shaft speeds. In cab control box provides high and low motor speed plus 12 speeds in each range, thus 24 speeds.The 2 speed gearbox doubles this to a possible 48 speeds. Stepless calibration is possible as the fluted rollers also slide in their housings to expose between 0% – 100% of the fluted roll to the material in the hopper, to give a huge range of outputs. Hoppers are self emptying polyethylene with 6 outlets per 1m hopper at 166mm spacing, each hopper holds 60 litres. A spreader assembly utilises nylon cones positioned under each outlet pipe to give an accurate and even broacast across the whole width of the implement. Calibration procedure is a simple catch test over 3 minutes, and compare to the provided charts. All electric controls and cables are supplied as standard.

Cost option of a sophisticated electronic control system utilises a radar to maintain a constant speed related output.

Application with Omex suspension fertiliser

Bardney Airfield
Tel 01526 396000

Mixing instructions for contractors applying Avadex Excel 15Gwith Omex Suspension Fertilisers.

Avadex Excel can only be applied with Omex suspension fertilisers. Under no circumstances should Avadex Excel be applied in solution fertilisers or suspension fertilisers from other manufacturers.

Three or four way mixes with suspensions, Avadex Excel 15G and DFF/IPU are also possible but at growers risk and conditional on there being a tank-mix agreement for the herbicides involved.

• Based on application rate of fertiliser and Avadex, determine number of bags per fill.
• Commence loading of fertiliser with the inductor open.
• Add the Avadex granules via the inductor hopper throughout loading.
• Complete adding Avadex granules by the time the sprayer tank is full.
• Agitate thoroughly before applying.
• Include the rate of Avadex when programming application rate.
• Do not return any fertiliser containing Avadex to the Omex road tanker.
• After completion of job,wash out sprayer on farm according to Regulations.
• Record hectares treated with Avadex and application rate used on application note.

Avadex Excel 15G

Avadex Excel 15G has been approved for aerial application only by fixed-wing aircraft at recommended rates for use only on wheat, barley, winter beans and peas. Helicopters are not recommended due to downdraft problems.

1. Modify the hopper gate so that it has the same number of openings as the spreader.
2. Modify the hopper vent to form a forward pointer air scoop.
3. Do not use a dust agitator with granules.
4. Screen granules before putting into the hopper. Checking the field distribution pattern and swath.

Place a line of trays across the flight path, at 1.5 metre intervals.

Trays must be 10cm deep (min) and cover 0.252. Use at least 13 trays, covering a minimum of 18m.

Adjust the spreader gate to apply the desired rate/hectare (the “in-flight” rate is approx. twice ground rate).

Fly at right angles to the centre of the line of pans, at an altitude of 10-15 metres.

Measure the amount of granules from each tray in test tubes,moving in order from left to right.

Swath and Pattern Check Equipment
Determining the effective application width (swath):

Plot the volume of granules in each test tube, as shown in accompanying illustration.

The distribution illustrated indicates that by moving 9 metres to either side and flying in either direction, uniform application will be achieved.


Check each pattern individually, the swath will not always be equal to half the distribution pattern, and wind may affect distribution.

Techneat Maxicast

Terracast 300 gives accurate Avadex application

6 June 2005
A new version of the Techneat Terracast granular applicator has been developed specifically for arable farmers moving back to the well proven benefits of Avadex Granules for wild oat and blackgrass control.

The Terracast 300 features a bespoke highly accurate single cartridge metering device, a specifically designed distribution head and an uprated fan capacity to ensure an even spread of granules across drill widths of up to 4m.

Tom Neat reports the Terracast 300 has been fully tested by independent Agrisearch trials and approved by Avadex manufacturers.

The Terracast 300 can be quickly and simply mounted direct onto a drill for application during seed sowing, or fitted onto rolls for surface application post drilling. “With two sets of mounting brackets, the equipment can be simply switched across machines to give greater flexibility and convenience for growers,” he added. The aim is to leave the granules evenly applied across the soil surface to create a herbicide barrier for effective grass weed control.

The Terracast 300 will meter and distribute other granular pesticides. When fitted with a conventional metering device it can also apply oilseed rape or other small seeds for low cost establishment, including wildflower and grass mixtures broadcast onto the surface of headlands of environmental projects. Slug pellets can also be accurately and evenly distributed for optimum results.