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Avadex Excel 15G and Factor

The essential component of any grass-weed management strategy, also providing a useful effect on broadleaved weeds

  • Recommended for grass-weed control in the key crops
    Avadex Excel – winter wheat, spring wheat, winter barley and spring barley.
    Avadex Factor – winter wheat, winter barley and spring barley
  • Introduces a different mode of action to many commonly used grass-weed products
  • Wide spectrum of activity against grass-weeds such as wild-oats, black-grass, sterile brome, rye-grass and annual meadow-grass
  • Can provide a useful effect on a number of important broad-leaf weeds
  • Provides effective residual activity
  • Can boost the performance of sequentially applied herbicides
  • Safe to the crop
  • Has provided reliable weed control for over 50 years

Dummy Granules

Dummy Avadex granules for calibration are still available