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About Gowan

“Over the last century, technology in agriculture has changed the world. Millions have moved on from working on the land; industries have developed as brainpower is redirected. We’re proud to play a big part in this massive contribution. A tremendous passion for agriculture, the science and business of it, courses through our company veins.

Our model is to understand local cultural practices and the needs of the ultimate market, then work with users to find how our products fit. Along the way, we’ve honed our field development, sales and marketing, and regulatory science competencies.
Gowan’s biggest assets don’t show on the balance sheet, but rest in our heads and in our ability to communicate. There aren’t many of us, so we have to listen carefully to partners in the trade. We welcome your ideas on opportunities. We’ll put our heads to developing these and then to working with local or national partners to bring them to life.
Not all of these projects pay off, but as they do we reinvest our earnings into other projects. We’ve tried our hand with reviving old compounds, bringing forward new molecules and developing biologically occurring solutions. With new technologies, regulatory and political hurdles, and consumer demands, the bar is set ever higher. The challenge is more motivating and success sweeter. We invite you to collaborate and help us find and improve niches in plant protection.”
Juli Jessen, CEO

Gowan milestones